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Monday, August 01, 2005

Website up and running

Hoorah! Thyroid talk has been up and running now for over 5 years and is ready to help everyone with a thyroid problem. If you go to the home page you will also see my new ebook and you can get your copy right now by clicking on the word 'thyroid' above or just click on the image.

We hope to see you soon at Thyroid Talk.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

This is me on a good day!

Your thyroid doesn't have to take control
of you all the time you know.

Hope you get some great answers from this blog.

Love Sammi XXX

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Does your doctor really understand thyroid issues?

Do doctors really understand thyroid levels? My doctor takes
a blood test and tells me it is OK if it falls within the 'OK' range!
Well, it might be 'OK' for their charts, but it certainly isn't for
me. The problem is that so many Doctors (and I am talking
about every single known illness to man and woman) has
a guide chart for the seriousness of that particular illness.
It really is a case of 'Jack of all trades and master of none.'
If in doubt, tell your doctor that you are completely miserable,
you keep eating chocolate, (only kidding) you feel fat, or you
feel thin, you feel tired, undesireable, don't like hot weather,
your hands shake and you have no energy. If you go on like
this, your husband is going to run off with the office tart. Oh,
crying to your GP also helps. No, seriously, they hate that and
they certainly can't handle it. The bottom line is your doctor
does not understand thyroid related problems. The text book
he or she was given is outdated and certainly does not come up
with any answers you want to hear. So guys and gals, just put the
emotions up a couple of notches and try to get the outcome you
want. I know a lot of you are frustrated and dissapointed. Am I
right? Your thoughts are always welcome. Good luck. Sammi X

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Website creation

Everything seems to be going well with the
website design and development.
I am really excited about sharing information
about Thyroid probelms with other sufferers.
We'll also put into place resources and
products and services related to this disease.
The next step is to provide links. Make sure you
check out all the interesting stuff on the
site at Thyroid Talk Oh, and also if you get
a chance check out my husbands great blog
if you want to sell advertising for your website